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Led Tunnel Light

LED Tunnel Light is a kind of light efficiency and energy-saving lamp, which will not cause dazzle or other discomfort. Imported materials are used as reflectors and through accurate light distribution design, with power factor greater than 0.9, high reflection efficiency, good light transmittance, energy conservation and environmental protection.

LED light source has the following advantages:

(1) Small light attenuation: if the heat dissipation conditions are good, the light attenuation of LED in the first 10000h is positive, the light attenuation of LED in the first 10000h is 3% - 10%, and the light attenuation of LED in the first 50000h is basically 30%, which is far lower than that of ordinary road lighting light source, and the luminescence is more stable.

(2) High color rendering: generally, the color rendering of LED is about 70 ~ 80,

(3) Service life: the service life of LED is higher than that of general road tunnel lighting source, and now it is generally higher than 50000h.

(4) Price: Although the current price of LED lamp cap is higher than that of traditional lighting lamps, with the maturity of manufacturing technology, its price is falling sharply. Led also has the advantages of high maintenance coefficient, good safety performance, no stroboscopic, energy conservation and environmental protection