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Led Street Light

LED Street lamps refer to lamps that provide lighting functions for roads, and generally refer to lamps within the range of pavement lighting in traffic lighting. The installation site is usually on one side or both sides of the road. It is installed beside the road to provide lighting lamps.

LED Street lamp is a whole composed of lamp shell, power supply, light source, lamp pole, lamp arm, etc.It is mainly used in urban roads, sidewalks, squares, parks, courtyards and other places.

LED street lamp has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low light attenuation, long life, safety, environmental protection and fast start. It is the first choice for urban road lighting.

The complete street light of BETTERLED Lighting is IP65 and IK09,warranty 3-5 years available , has certificate of ENEC, TUV, CB, CE, ROHS etc.