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Service Place Lighting Design Knowledge

Apr. 28, 2019

Here is CE Certification LED Canopy Light Manufacturer talking about Service place lighting design knowledge.

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Designing an environment that is appropriate to the environment of the venue means serving people well and giving them the feeling of a unique environment. Whether it's a restaurant, a hotel, a playground, or even a theme park, the goal of environmental design is to bring guests from a common environment into a special world where they can have a happy time.

CE Certification LED Canopy Light Manufacturer

The design difficulty of designing such a service project is to create a necessary style, theme and dramatic effect, while also meeting the basic visual function requirements. The lighting design of this project needs to be classified according to the function of each part. Exposed lighting fixtures are primarily used to provide ambient lighting, while concealed lighting combined with buildings is often used as functional lighting.

Designs in service spaces need to consider their specific use in particular. The corridors of hotels should be considered by corridors, and restaurants should be considered by restaurants. The exhibition halls, dance halls, conference rooms, and conference centers of the exhibition hall must consider the requirements of multiple functions. It is often necessary to rearrange the seats, partitions and lighting schemes. Usually, when such a place is re-arranged, it is not necessary to replace the entire lighting system, so the arrangement of adjustable lighting facilities can effectively reduce the workload when rearranging the lighting. Most of these service designs are closely related to the decorative luminaires used, including decorative chandeliers, wall sconces, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and other distinctive luminaires, all of which play a vital role in interior design. Some service spaces, such as conference centers, restaurants, dance halls, exhibition halls, restaurants and hotel bars with stage, often include two parts, the architectural lighting system, and the stage lighting system.

For a particular project, the best lighting solution is first to lay a good foundation for interior design and architectural design, and the architectural or interior design establishes the style and atmosphere of the venue. It is a good idea to do a hierarchical design so that you can start thinking about the lighting design at the beginning of the project to get the desired results. Therefore, when dealing with such lighting designs, comprehensive consideration is required. First, an interior designer or architect wants to come up with a general idea, and of course what kind of lighting is needed. Then, clarify all visual work content, taking into account the visual needs of guests and employees. Secondly, to confirm whether decorative lighting can meet the needs of visual functions, it is also necessary to check whether decorative lighting hinders visual work. Such an inspection is also required for accent lighting. For such serviced indoor spaces, the most difficult thing to grasp when designing classified lighting is how much environmental lighting should be controlled. Work lighting and accent lighting are also design challenges in this type of space.

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