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What Is The Service Life Of Led Street Lamps?

Jul. 30, 2019

The service life of Ultra Slim LED Street Lamps is a key concern of many LED streetlight customers. If you think about it, the LED street lamps with tens of thousands of worth of service have a service life of only three or five years, which is too bad. How long is the life of the led street lamp? What are the main factors affecting the service life of led street lamps? With the problem, we analyze the led street light together.

Ultra Slim LED Street Lamps

The first is the lifting system, which is a core component of the LED street lamp. The lifting action of the lamp panel is completely dependent on the system. Its main structure is the winch and the wire rope. If the wire rope is not a problem, the hoisting machine will not be a problem for decades. Why, mainly because the hoist is installed inside the main pole, away from the wind and the sun, cut off the aging of the line. In an unprovoked, the device will not be used, so the service life of the lifting system is still very long, and it is not the main factor affecting the service life of the LED street lamp.

Followed by led street light poles, generally use a steel plate with a wall thickness of 5.6mm as the main material of the pole. As long as the LED street lamp manufacturers strictly follow the LED street lamp production process steps to produce the lamp post, after the main body of the lamp post is welded, the internal and external hot-dip galvanizing can basically guarantee that it will not rust within 15 years, provided that the hot-dip galvanizing process is qualified, and the unqualified one can be used. This effect is not achieved. Even if the pole is rusted, it can last for 10 years and 20 years. Therefore, the light pole is not the main factor affecting the service life of the LED street lamp.

Then there is the lamp panel. The lamp panel is a tool for carrying the lamps. The shape is changeable, but the material will not change. It is produced in strict accordance with the standard, and it is no problem, and will not affect the service life.

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