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What Are The Safety Features Of Led Street Lights?

Mar. 12, 2019

People who have used Adjustable Led Street Light know that led street lights have good safety performance, so how the safety performance of led street lights is reflected, let us sort out the safety performance of led street lights for you.

The safety performance of led street lights is reflected in the quality of led lamp heads. 

Adjustable Led Street Light

The lamp head of the solar street lamp generally adopts the Ultra Slim Led Street Lamps head. Because the LED lamp head has its specific advantages, the warranty period of the Impact Resistance Led Street Light head is generally 3 years, and during the use process, it does not emit too much heat energy, thus reducing the error. The possibility.

The led street light will not suddenly go out. Solar street light is powered by solar cells. When there is rainy weather, it will still illuminate the road for people, and there will be no sudden extinction. Solar street lights use DC power, and the chances of problems are small.

Ultra Slim Led Street Lamps

If there is no sunlight for several days. Solar streetlights use solar energy to generate electricity. That is, if there is no sunlight, how can solar street lights work normally? Solar street light manufacturers introduce solar street lights themselves in the design of these aspects, we generally set according to the local rainy weather, that is, the local maximum of several days without sunshine, it is designed to meet a few days Solar street lights in rainy weather can generally last up to one week without sunlight.

The above is the relevant description of the safety performance of led street lights. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will continue to update you with more relevant instructions. You can follow our website for more related consultations--service@better-led.com.

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