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What Are The Problems With Ordinary Lighting?

Apr. 02, 2019

Here is No Mercury Led Canopy Light manufacturer talking about What are the problems with ordinary lighting.

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1. Large energy consumption

Generally, the lighting time in public places is usually more than 8 hours, and on some occasions, even 24 hours are in the state of illumination. A considerable part of it belongs to “invalid lighting”, which causes a lot of energy waste, seriously affects China’s sustainable development strategy, and is not conducive to unit energy conservation indicators and social responsibility;

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2. Short life, high maintenance costs

Ordinary lamps are basically in a long-time lighting state, and the high-frequency working state greatly shortens life and is extremely prone to damage, which is easy to cause safety hazards and increase maintenance costs;

3. Low protection level, there are security risks

Ordinary lighting fixtures usually contain mercury, which can cause certain damage to the human body. Also, since the lamps are exposed to the air for a long time and work for a long time, a large amount of heat is generated, which is highly susceptible to rust and aging, especially corrosion and aging of electronic components and circuits. If it is rainy and humid, it may cause leakage and cause serious safety hazards.

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