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4 Precautions For LED Street Lights

Oct. 09, 2018

LED street light with energy saving, environmental protection, long life, high index, has gradually become a favorite product. Do you know a few things that need to be noted about LED street lights?

1. LED street light power must be the constant current.

The characteristics of the lighting material of the street light determine its environmental impact. For example, if the temperature changes, the current of the LED will increase. In addition, the voltage of the LED will increase. If the long-term operation exceeds the rated current, the service life of the LED lamp bead will be greatly shortened. The constant current of the LED is also the value of the current that ensures its operation when the environmental factors such as temperature and voltage change.

2. The LED street light power supply operating voltage.

The recommended working voltage of the LED is 3.0-3.5V. After testing by led street lamp manufacturers, most of the LED street lamp power supply works at 3.2V, so the calculation according to 3.2 is relatively reasonable.

3. How does the LED street light power supply match the lamp bead?

In fact, LED street light supplier choose the best string parallel connection method, the voltage and current applied to each LED are the same, and the power supply efficiency can exert the best performance.

4. LED street light power supply cooling.

The main factor of heat dissipation is that LED street light power beads can greatly extend the life when used under hot conditions. LED street light manufacturers generally use aluminum alloy radiators, which are easier to dissipate heat. That is, the street lamp power bead is attached to the aluminum substrate, and the external heat dissipation area is maximized.

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