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Domestic Standards For Led Street Lights And International And North American Lighting Standards

Jul. 15, 2019

Here is the LED Street Light Supplier talking about Domestic standards for LED street lights and international and North American lighting standards.

Background: Long Lifetime LED Street Lamps are used as lighting fixtures all over the world. The scale and quantity of lighting in urban construction are increasing, and the electricity consumption of urban lighting is also rising rapidly. Under the premise of meeting urban road lighting requirements, realizing traffic safety and smooth traffic, achieving scientific and reasonable power saving has become a common problem that the world is discussing.

Long Lifetime Led Street Lamps

Domestic: The research on lighting energy-saving methods of led street lamps is mainly reflected in the following two aspects: First, the use of high-quality and efficient new light source to replace traditional light sources. For example, the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Plans” launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2009 is to make full use of LEDs. The huge energy-saving potential of the light source gradually replaces the traditional light source such as high-pressure sodium lamp, that is, focuses on the design of LED light source and luminaire; on the other hand, it realizes on-demand illumination according to the requirements of road lighting in different time periods, such as closing half of the early adopting after midnight The light source achieves the power saving effect. Recently, the intelligent dimming technology and the Internet of Things technology are used to realize the automatic control of the light source intensity in different periods to achieve an energy saving of the lighting. Both of these methods are designed for road lighting energy conservation from the level of engineering implementation, ie tactical level. The premise must meet the existing road lighting design standards, which means that road lighting design standards have a crucial impact on lighting energy efficiency. If the standard requirements are too high to affect the level of energy consumption, if the standard requirements are too low, it will affect driving safety. Therefore, starting from the road lighting design standards, it is necessary to study how to make the standard itself more conducive to energy saving under the premise of ensuring road lighting safety. It has a deeper significance in the research of road lighting energy saving. This research work can carry out road lighting. Energy-saving research has risen from a tactical level to a strategic level, enabling greater energy savings.

International: The formulation and research of national road lighting design standards by countries generally refer to international road lighting design standards based on the actual situation of existing road traffic. At present, there are two major standards systems in the world. The first is the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) proposed "Road Lighting for Motor Vehicles and Pedestrian Traffic" (115-1995). It is adopted by most countries in the world. ;

North America: Road Lighting (RP-8-00) [8-9] proposed by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA), which is mainly used in the Americas. Both sets of standards are comprehensively balanced between the two factors of road safety and energy saving, and they have been promoted on a considerable scale. However, for the similarities and differences between the two sets of standards, the international standard only carries out There are some qualitative comparisons. As for the main differences between the two types of standards in evaluation methods, lighting indicators, energy-saving effects, etc., there is still no quantitative and in-depth study. Therefore, an in-depth analysis of the quantitative differences between the two standards in the evaluation indicators and calculation methods and the related lighting effects and energy consumption differences, has a greater engineering guiding significance for promoting energy conservation and emission reduction from the strategic level of road lighting standards. And scientific value.

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