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Led Street Light Cooling Problem

May. 24, 2019

With the development of the market, new energy Long Lifetime LED Street Light has gradually entered our field of vision. The heat dissipation problem of new energy led street lamps has always been a problem that plagued us. How to solve the heat dissipation problem of led street lamps? Below we at Jiangsu Hengyuan Lighting to sort out this for you. A related description on the one hand.

The heat dissipation problem of street lamps cannot be delayed. Only by solving this problem can the performance of led street lamps be used. 

The heat dissipation is not only directly related to the luminous efficiency of the Long Lifetime LED Street Lamps during actual operation, but also because the new energy led street lamp has high brightness requirement, large heat generation, and is used in a harsh outdoor environment, if the heat dissipation is not good, the LED will rapidly age. In the design of new energy LED street lamps, the heat dissipation of the power LED itself is required, but the road lamps used in outdoor applications should have the necessary level of dustproof and waterproof (IP), and good IP protection often hinders the heat dissipation of the LED.

Solving these two conflicting but necessary problems must be an important aspect of road lighting design.

Long Lifetime Led Street Lamps

At present, the materials used in the new energy No Strobe LED Street Lamps radiator are basically metal materials, which are mainly considered in the following three aspects:

1. Good thermal conductivity. Metal has better heat transfer capability than other solid materials;

2. Easy to process. The metal has good ductility and the temperature is relatively stable, and various processing techniques can be employed;

3. Easy to obtain, the price is relatively low. Another important point is the use of integrated aluminum die-casting heat-dissipating enclosure. New energy LED streetlights are usually designed with the outer casing and heat sink integrated to solve the LED heating problem. Generally, aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy and other alloys with good thermal conductivity are used. 

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