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The Waterproof Performance Of LED Street Light

Aug. 05, 2019

Because the working environment of LED street lamps is outdoors, wind and rain, the material of LED street lamps is preferably waterproof and corroded. Anti-corrosion of LED lamp post is treated by surface hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosion quality. The average thickness of hot-dip galvanized layer is not less than 85μm. LED lamp post spray should be made of high-quality outdoor pure polyester plastic powder with average thickness ≥100μm. The sprayed plastic layer is uniform, complete, and the surface is smooth, and its adhesion meets the requirements of relevant standards. As a Waterproof LED Street Light Supplier, today we would like to share with you the waterproof performance of led street light.

The inspection door under the No Strobe LED Street Lamps is parallel to the axis of the pole, 400mm from the ground, 320mm×120mm access door, the grounding terminal in the door; the edge of the door and the door cover is smooth and flat, and the door and door holes are assembled and the door gap is assembled. No more than 2mm, the door cover is interchangeable and has effective and reliable anti-theft measures. Street lights are an inaccessible part of our lives, but street lights also have a lot of shortcomings. If power outages are involved in power outages, it will be very inconvenient. Street lamps are not only contaminated by electricity, but also require high electricity and maintenance costs. And sometimes if it is not properly protected, it may be stolen, so we must pay special attention to these things when producing street lamps.

Environment Friendly LED Street Lamps

Environment Friendly LED Street Lamps

Street lamps are closely related to our lives. In addition to ordinary street lamps, more and more LED street lights have entered our lives. We must pay attention to some details on the installation of LED street lights. The installation and assembly location of solar LED street lights. The disassembly location should be near the installation location to facilitate post-assembly transportation. Try to avoid working in the rain.

Let's talk about the main three aspects of research:

1. Experimental study on thermoelectric relationship of high-power LED street lamps. Based on the high-power LED streetlights that are connected first and then connected, the relationship between power distribution and temperature distribution under constant current and constant voltage power supply modes is studied experimentally. Set up an experimental platform for the research of thermoelectricity relationship of LED street lamps and analyze the experimental results. It is known from the results that under constant current conditions, the LED junction temperature has a significant linear relationship with the forward voltage, which verifies the voltage drop characteristics of the LED, and can try to measure the junction temperature of the LED with a large current, which is different from the traditional small current measurement. . Compared with the constant voltage drive, the constant current drive has a stable total output power. However, due to the uneven temperature distribution between the multiple LED, the corresponding power distribution is mutually restrained, and the high temperature LED occupies a higher power. Form a vicious circle. Therefore, the heat dissipation equalization design is of great significance for improving the overall quality of high-power LED street lamps.

2. Optimized design of high-power LED street light radiator. Taking a company's 150W high-power LED street light as the research object, the profile heat sink network model of the profile radiator is established, and the radiator designed to meet the heat dissipation requirements is theoretically designed. On this basis, it was optimized using Icepak thermal analysis software. To verify the rationality of the existing radiator design, the theoretical calculation results are in good agreement with the optimization results, indicating that theoretical calculation is an important part in the design of the radiator. Combining software optimization can reduce R&D costs, shorten development cycles, and improve R&D efficiency.

3. High-power LED street light power module heat dissipation design. Based on the design of high-power LED power supply circuit, the heat flow path and related thermal resistance are analyzed. The shortest heat flow path is taken as the goal, and two kinds of power supply heat dissipation devices are designed from the structure. For the narrow space of power supply cooling, try to use micro-miniature heat pipes for heat dissipation of LED power modules. The results show that both schemes can meet the thermal design requirements of electronic equipment, and the heat dissipation performance of the device using micro heat pipes is about 5 °C better than the other scheme.

If you need information about Environment Friendly LED Street Lamps, feel free to contact us.

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