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LED Energy-saving Lamp Detection Standard Points

Jan. 31, 2019

Here is Outdoor Led Street Light Wholesaler talking about LED Energy-saving Lamp. 

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LED energy-saving lamps are a general term for the industry. There are many subdivided products, such as LED Street Light, LED tunnel lights, LED High Bay Light, LED fluorescent lights and LED panel lights. The next Spikes talk with you five Important points of LED energy-saving lamp analyzing criteria:

1. Drop test

According to the demands of the product standard, the item should simulate the fall test which might happen during the actual usage, and the item should drop in the height of 0.91 m into the hardboard. The outer shell of this item shouldn't be broken to expose the harmful parts inside. After the manufacturer selects the substance to generate the item casing, this evaluation has to be carried out beforehand to avert the reduction brought on by the mass manufacturing collapse.

2. Dielectric strength

The transparent casing encloses the energy module indoors, and the transparent casing substance must satisfy the electric power requirements. According to the typical requirements, dependent on the status of 120 volts in North America, the inner high-voltage live components and the outer casing (analyzed with alloy foil) need to have the ability to defy the 1240 volt AC immunity evaluation. Under ordinary conditions, the depth of this item shell reaches approximately 0.8 mm, which may satisfy the needs of the electrical strength test.

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