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What Are The Issues With Headed Multi-chip Mix Light Sources?

Feb. 25, 2019

With the maturation of the marketplace, the light source of headed Long Lifetime Led Street Lamps started to embrace multi-chip mix, but as a result of the immature technologies, there are still a few issues in the usage of multi-chip mix light sources for directed road lamps. 

What are these issues?

To begin with, let us understand the multi-chip mix light source utilized by directed street lamps. So far as the present LED street lamp marketplace is concerned, the energy of LED single processor available on the sector is usually involving 1~5W, and the luminous flux output is simply a couple of hundred lumens. Such high light output cannot be accomplished by one processor. To be able to satisfy such high light output demands, a joint light supply of numerous LED processors (generally 1W) is now used in the home and overseas. 

Thus, what would be the difficulties with the present multi-chip mix light source for directed street lamps?

1. Fashion Led Street Light lighting production process is cumbersome, low production efficiency, low reliability.

2. The design of the luminaire is limited by the number of LEDs arranged and the arrangement of the lamps. The lamps produced are difficult to balance in terms of appearance and performance.

3. The secondary light distribution design of the luminaire is complex, it is difficult to meet the requirements of various lighting design, and it will cause the light effect of the luminaire to be reduced.

4. Dozens of single-chip LEDs are arranged in the same luminaire. The photoelectric performance parameters of each LED chip must be consistent, otherwise, the photoelectric performance and performance of the luminaire will be greatly reduced.

5. In the process of use, it is easy to cause blind spots due to local failure, resulting in dark spots and increased maintenance costs.

The above is about the use of multi-chip combination light source for No Strobe Led Street Light. If you want to know more about the related instructions, you can follow our website for more information or email us with service@better-led.com.

 Fashion Led Street Light

Fashion Led Street Light

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