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Industrial Led Explosion-proof Lamps To Have A Long Service Life

May. 05, 2019

Here is Flexible Ufo Led High Bay Light Exporter talking about Industrial LED explosion-proof lamps to have a long service life. 

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If the industrial Led explosion-proof lamp is used under normal conditions, the manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the product, and the warranty period is generally about 3 years. Because the LED explosion-proof lamps selected for production are all imported high-power light sources, supplemented by * professional design, multi-angle lenses are also used to refract the light source.

Led explosion-proof lamps can be used in many industries in the industrial sector, such as the power industry, power plants or metallurgical and railway industries. Industrial LED explosion-proof lamps have a long service life and generally have many.

Flexible Ufo Led High Bay Light Manufacturer

First, it has anti-corrosion performance

For example, mines, shipbuilding or oilfields, natural gas, and other industries have a lot of corrosion sources. It is often suitable to use led explosion-proof lamps for such functional applications, and it can extend its service life. LED explosion-proof lamps will not be corroded. Erosion and damage to the use of explosion-proof lights.

Second, it has a strong impact on resistance

In the manufacture of Led explosion-proof lamps, high-quality alloy aluminum is generally used as the pressing outer part. It has high strength and anti-fruit force. It is not easy to cause the LED explosion-proof lamp to blast itself due to the external or internal pressure of the bulb, and it is not easy to be from the working area. Explosive chemical dust is destroyed, and under normal circumstances, lighting can still be realized normally.

Third, the LED explosion-proof lamp has good heat dissipation performance.

Some high-power LED explosion-proof lamps are easy to generate a lot of self-heating in the illuminating operation. However, because the materials used in the production are all materials with good heat dissipation performance, the heat can be transferred from the heat to the heat. Does not consume the fixture.

Led explosion-proof lamps to maintain their own safety performance in an industrial environment, and their service life is generally long.

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