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Why Are Highways Not Equipped With Street Lights?

Apr. 16, 2019

Why Are Highways Not Equipped With Street Lights?

No Strobe Led Street Lamps

Reason 1: Highway is expensive to install Adjustable Led Street Lamps 

The high cost of installing Anti-aging Led Street Light on highways is easy to understand. The installation distance of street lamps is generally 30 meters to 40 meters (of course, the specific spacing depends on the actual situation), count 50 meters a street lamp, a random highway in China is hundreds of kilometers, all are installed street lights, the cost of street lamps is very high, in An electricity bill, the cost here is astronomical. 

Some people will say that it can be installed. Yes, yes, but the cost is very high, coupled with the later maintenance/repair, the cost is very high. If a street light is installed, the highway can effectively avoid traffic accidents, and installing street lights is understandable. But street lamp manufacturers tell you: not necessarily. why? Please continue to look down.

Adjustable Led Street Lamps

Reason 2: High safety factor of the expressway

A highway is a road outside the city that connects cities and cities, cities and villages. It is a completely closed road. There are no pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, and urban roads are safe and convenient for non-motor vehicles and pedestrians. The service functions of the two are different, so there is no need to set up street lights on the whole line. It only needs to be set in the necessary road sections, such as tunnels and death bends. Moreover, the highway pavement is very flat, there are no obvious pits, the road conditions are kept better, and the safety factor is higher.

Reason 3: Headlights and reflective signs on the road are sufficient to meet the lighting needs.

No Strobe Led Street Lamps is discontinuous and uneven. For high-speed vehicle drivers, this dullness can cause visual illusions and is very dangerous. In addition, it will quickly cause eye fatigue. Street lighting is poorly illuminating, and it is scattered light, which can dazzle the driver during long-distance driving, causing driving safety hazards. When the outside lighting is insufficient, the vehicle headlights can provide drivers with safer lighting. Since there is no obstruction to the car, you can drive the high beam at night.

The above is the reason why the highway does not install street lights.

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