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4 Essential Elements For LED Street Light

Nov. 16, 2018

LED display screen and LED electronic display screen are more and more appearing in people's vision. LED lighting has also been tried out on some main roads. What conditions does impact resistance LED street light need to have?

1. It needs to has the characteristics of energy saving, low voltage, low current, and high brightness. The LED street light used as street light must have the characteristics of low voltage, low current and high brightness, so as to ensure its normal use and high efficiency and energy saving.

2. New green environmental light source, LED uses cold light, glare, no radiation, no harmful substances in use. LED has better environmental benefits, no ultraviolet and infrared rays in the spectrum, no mercury, no pollution and safe touch. It belongs to the typical green lighting source.

3. Long life. Because LED street lamps need to be replaced in batches for continuous use, long life is also an important factor in the selection.

4. High safety. The LED light source is driven by low voltage, stable light emission, no pollution, no stroboscopic phenomenon, no ultraviolet B band, and closest to the solar color temperature of 5500K. It does not contain mercury and sodium and other substances that may damage LED street lamps.

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LED Street Light

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