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The Difference Between The Driver Power Certification Standard Ul1310 And Ul60950

May. 08, 2019

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With the popularity of LED products, they have slowly replaced incandescent lamps. For the LED manufacturers, the safety test certification of the driving power supply of the lamps is something they need to pay attention to. The following is a small series to talk about the difference between the safety test standards for the US NRTL certification, the UL1310 certification, and the UL60950 certification standard:

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NRTL certification (such as UL certification, MET certification, CSA certification, etc.) is a non-mandatory certification in the United States, mainly for the detection and certification of product safety performance, and its certification scope does not include the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics of the product. In the NRTL certification of LED lighting products, it is important that the LED driving power source also needs the relevant standard certification test.

Among them, there are two types of standards: UL1310 or UL60950. The main differences between the two are as follows:

1. UL1310 is a CLASSII (power supply with limited voltage and capacity) power supply equipment safety standard. UL1310 certified power supply is CLASSII power supply. When using CLASSII power supply for cUL (Canada market) LED lighting certification, the relevant safety test can be exempted; UL60950 is The safety standards for information technology (IT) equipment shall be more than UL1310, but the use of UL60950-certified power supply for cUL (Canadian Market Certification) LED lighting certification shall not be exempted from relevant safety tests;

2. The UL1310 standard specifies that the output voltage is at any load condition. The maximum output voltage of the power supply (including no load) has an exposed contact voltage peak of 42.4V. When the device does not contain the maximum output volt-ampere that can be automatically turned off at the output circuit, the volt-ampere is no more than 100 volts. An; UL60950 defines the voltage between any two accessible circuit components under normal output voltage conditions, or the voltage between any accessible circuit components and the protective earth terminal of Class I equipment, not exceeding 42.4V AC peak, or 60V DC value;

3. UL1310 certification is only applicable to CLASSII power supply equipment in the grid with 120 or 240Vac rated voltage. UL60950 is applicable to information technology products with rated input voltage not exceeding 600Vac. For UL 270V voltage system UL certified LED lighting products, only UL60950 can be cited. Standard certification test.

The company is a global certification testing service provider for electronic products such as power supplies, batteries and lamps. It is a third-party certification and testing organization that is committed to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese companies. We have long-term friendly cooperation with UL. It is UL's CB testing laboratory and has obtained the new UL62368-1 standard. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry-leading UL certified engineers who can help you get UL certified and market in North America.

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