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How To Distinguish LED Flood Light From Good Or Bad?

Dec. 05, 2018

Do you know how to distinguish between good and bad when buying floodlights? Let the Waterproof LED Flood Light Supplier take you to know about it!

1. Look at the overall "power factor of the luminaire": the low power factor indicates that the driving power supply and circuit design used is not good, which will greatly reduce the service life of the luminaire.

2. Look at "lighting heat dissipation": LED lighting is also very important, the same power factor lamps and the same quality of the lamp beads, if the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads work at high temperatures, the light decay will be great, the lamp life will cut back.

3. Look at "light quality": the quality of the lamp is determined by the chip quality and packaging technology.

4. Look at the driving power used by the luminaire. The service life of the power supply is much shorter than that of other parts of the luminaire. The life of the power supply affects the overall life of the luminaire. The theoretical life of the lamp is between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. The lifespan is 0.2-3 million hours, and the design and material selection of the power supply will determine the service life of the power supply.

5. Look at the light effect: the same lamp power, the higher the light efficiency, the higher the brightness, the same lighting brightness, the smaller the power consumption, the more energy-saving.

6. Look at the power efficiency, the higher the power efficiency, the higher, the higher the power consumption of the power supply itself, the greater the output power.

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