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Circuit Principle Of Led Street Light

Jul. 03, 2019

Here is Long Lifetime LED Street Light Manufacturer talking about Circuit principle of an LED street light.

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There is a cheap LED flashlight on the market. The front end of the flashlight is 5-8 high-brightness LED tubes, and 1 to 2 cells are used. Due to the use of ultra-high brightness light-emitting tubes, the luminous efficiency is very high, and the operating current is relatively small. The actual measurement uses the 5th battery of the 5th battery, and the current is only about 100mA. Very energy efficient.

working principle:

Long Lifetime Led Street Light

After the power is turned on, VT1 is connected to the negative pole due to R1, and the voltage across c1 cannot be abruptly changed. VT1 (b) pole potential is lower than e pole, VT1 is turned on, VT2 (b) has a large current inflow, VT2 is also turned on, current from the positive pole of the power supply through the L, VT2 (c) pole to the e pole, flowing back to the negative pole of the power supply, The power supply charges L, L stores energy, and the self-induced electromotive force on L is left positive and right negative. After the feedback of c1, the VT1 base potential is lower than the emitter potential, VT1 enters the deep saturation state, and VT2 also enters the deep saturation state, that is, Ib>Ic/β (β is the magnification). As the power supply charges c1, the voltage across C1 gradually increases, that is, the potential of VTI(b) gradually rises, and Ib1 gradually decreases. When Ib1<=Ic1/β, VT1 exits the saturation region, and VT2 also exits the saturation region. The charging current to L is reduced. at this time. The self-induced electromotive force on L changes to left negative right positive, and is fed back by c1. The base potential of VT1 further rises, VT1 is quickly cut off, VT2 is also cut off, the energy stored on L is released, and the power supply voltage on the arc tube is added to L to generate a self-induced electromotive force, which achieves the purpose of boosting. This voltage is sufficient to cause the LED to illuminate.

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