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How Can Industrial Enterprise Customers Choose The Right Luminaire?

Mar. 19, 2019

How can industrial enterprise customers choose the right luminaire? In fact, the criteria for industrial enterprises to choose Lightweight Led Flood Light sources and lamps can be based on the following principles:

Lightweight Led Flood Light

1. According to the current national lighting standard value, color rendering index (Ra), glare value, the fineness of the operation, the closeness of continuous operation, etc., an illuminance value is determined according to relevant factors.

2. Determine the Flexible Led Floodlight lighting method: general lighting should be set indoors and outdoors, and some precision processing workshops should have local lighting.

3. Determine the type of Salt Spray Led Flood Light lighting: including emergency lighting, evacuation lighting, and special operations can set up safety lighting. Workshop lighting should be set indoors, and some road lighting and landscape lighting should be set up in the factory.

4. Select the light source: you can follow the following principles:

Flexible Led Floodlight

(1) Energy conservation principles. This is the need to choose some high-efficiency light sources, such as rare earth trichromatic fluorescent lamps (suitable for some light industry and relatively short places, generally at 3-5M), metal halide lamps, sodium lamps, electrodeless lamps (all three sources are suitable) High place)

(2) The requirements of the place for the color rendering index of the light source. Generally, choose Ra>80, and pay attention to the color temperature of a suitable environment.

(3) Consider the working voltage and the frequency of the switch. Now the general light source has a working voltage, you can look at the purchase or consult the supplier. If the frequency of the switch is very dense, some light sources with filaments will reduce the life, because when the power is turned on, the current impact is large, and the current at that time is much larger than the current when lighting, so the filament is easy to break. Drop it. Light-emitting diodes and electromagnetic induction lamps will not. Because they have no filaments, this is one of the reasons why LEDs and electrodeless lamps have a longer life than metal halide lamps and sodium lamps.

(4) Comparison of cost performance. At present, there are many types of light sources. When purchasing, the purchasing department of an enterprise should pay attention to selecting a light source with high-cost performance. Properly you can purchase some samples and go back to the test.

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