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How To Choose The Bathroom Lamp To Install More Advanced?

May. 05, 2019

Today we Durable LED Flood Light manufacturer come to summarize How to choose the bathroom lamp to install more advanced.

The bathroom is a relatively private place. As a whole, the light source of the space should not be too bright, otherwise, the private space will become too bright, giving it a bad visual sense. Therefore, consumers should pay great attention when selecting the lamps in the bathroom. Now we will talk about how to buy bathroom lamps.

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1. The bathroom fixtures distinguish the product grades by the IP code in the product quality certification. The IP protection grade is composed of two numbers. The first digit indicates the level of dustproof and prevents foreign objects from entering the fixture. The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the luminaire against moisture and water intrusion. The higher the number, the higher the level of protection.

2. Consumers also care about the color of lighting. Usually, the lighting of the bathroom should use a light source with high color rendering. The so-called color rendering is the degree to which the light source is presented to the color of the object, that is, the degree of vividness of the color under illumination. The light source with high color rendering has a better effect on the color reproduction, and the color we see is more realistic.

3. Choose the bathroom fixtures to follow the safety principle. The aforementioned waterproofing is a must, and the luminaires that the human body can reach should be remembered to avoid sharp corners. It is best not to choose a bare bulb with a large amount of heat, because people generally wear fewer clothes in the bathroom, and the risk of burns should be taken into account.

4. If you want the bathroom lighting to have different effects, then you must design three types of lighting: space lighting, functional lighting, and background lighting. For example, a small bathroom of 5 square meters must have a central lighting fixture with sufficient brightness to meet the requirements of space lighting. The choice of mirror front light should also be based on a concise shape. If the brightness is sufficient, it can also be used as the main light source instead of the ceiling lamp. Considering that the wet and dry partitions in the narrow bathroom are not ideal, it is not recommended to use spotlights for background lighting in such bathrooms. Because the spotlights are beautiful, the waterproof effect is generally poor, and it usually takes a long time to fail.

5. When choosing the lights, pay attention to the material mix of the building materials in the bathroom, as well as the decoration style of the bathroom. Because the lamps that can't be harmoniously matched will naturally become the decoration failure.

6. The walls of the large space can choose to install the wall lamp. I plan to install the bathroom lights on the top of the basin, toilet, bathtub, and shower. I can install a downlight to make every key part illuminate, so we don’t need to install the ceiling lamp of the door. Otherwise, it will make people feel dazzled.

7. Large-area bathrooms can be fitted with partial lights for local illumination. The small-area bathroom should be installed in the middle of the ceiling when installing the bathroom fixtures so that it can shine and increase the sense of space.

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