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What Are The Advantages Of Led High Bay Light?

May. 13, 2019

Flexible Ufo Led High Bay Light is also called: LED ceiling light, LED high bay light, LED chandelier, LED factory light, LED warehouse light, LED workshop light and so on. There are many places for mining lamps: they are generally used in large areas and high heights. For example: workshops, factories, warehouses, underground parking lots, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc.

What Are The Advantages Of Led High Bay Light

Advantages of mining lamps: energy saving, environmental protection, long life and beautiful appearance.

Expensive but save money, let's count it:

 (If a factory wants to install 161 400W halogen lamps, we will help him calculate the account.) Life luminaire light effect with brightness corresponding to the same brightness with the corresponding halogen lamp 3000 hours 18-24LM / W 25 400W energy-saving lamp 8000 hours 65-85LM / W 185 180W

 LED high bay light 50000 hours 70-95LM/W 1400 150W

The electricity fee is 0.75 yuan / kWh, 10 hours a day, 300 days a year. The annual cost of lamp consumption is compared:

Halogen lamp: 0.4KW*10 hours (every day)*0.75 (electricity per kWh)*300 days+300*10/3000 (average number of lamps per year)*25 (lamp price)=925 yuan/year;

Energy-saving lamp: 0.18*10*0.75*300+300*10/8000*185=474 yuan/year;

Flexible Led High Bay Light: 0.15*10*0.75*300+300*10/50000*1400=422 yuan/year.

in conclusion: 

 1. If you use LED high bay light instead of halogen lamp: One lamp can save one year: 925-422=503 yuan 161 lights can save one year: 503*161=80983 yuan

 161 lights can be saved in 10 years: 503*161*10=809830 yuan

Second, if you use LED high bay light instead of energy-saving lamps: one lamp can save a year: 474-422 = 52 yuan 161 lights can save a year: 52 * 161 = 8372 yuan 161 lights 10 years can save: 52 * 161 * 10=83720 yuan

LED high bay light features:

1. Environmental protection: no pollution elements such as lead and mercury, no pollution to the environment;

2. Energy saving: 60% energy saving than traditional lamps;

3. Long life: can use more than 50,000 hours;

4. Appearance: The design is unique and elegant, and the lamp is more art.

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