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Do You Know Led Energy-saving Lamps?

Jun. 14, 2019

Durable LED FloodLight is a new generation of illumination sources after compact fluorescent lamps (ie, popular energy-saving lamps).

An LED, a semiconductor light-emitting diode, is a solid-state semiconductor device that can or indirectly convert electricity into light. LED energy-saving lamp is a high-brightness red LED light source with high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long life, easy control, no cover, safe and environmental protection; it is a new generation of solid cold light source, soft color, bright, colorful, low Consumption, low energy consumption, green environmental protection, practical families, sputum, banks, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other public places for long-term lighting. No flash DC, it is a good cover for the eyes, it is the best resolution for desk lamps and flashlights.


Light-emitting diode, the heart of the Fashion LED Flood Light is a semiconductor wafer. One end of the chip is attached to a bracket, one end is a negative pole, and the other end is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, so that all the wafers are encapsulated by epoxy resin. The semiconductor wafer consists of two parts, a part of which is a P-type semiconductor, in which the hole dominates, and the other end is an N-type semiconductor, where electrons are dominant. But at the moment when the two semiconductors are connected, they form a P-N junction. When the current is applied to the wafer, the electrons are pushed to the P region. In the P region, the electrons recombine with the holes, and then the energy is recovered in the photon state. This is the reason why the LEDs emit light. Because the LED lamp does not generate a lot of heat, the electric energy is converted into light energy even though it is transformed into a light energy. The popular lamp converts a lot of electric energy into heat energy due to the heat generation, and squanders it in vain. In comparison, LED lighting is energy efficient.

LED energy-saving lamps are a category of LED general-purpose lighting, and their titles are derived from traditional lighting bulbs and energy-saving lamps. The shape of the LED energy-saving lamp is similar to that of the traditional energy-saving lamp, and the shape can satisfy the consumer's traditional aesthetics. The characteristics of LED energy-saving lamps: low cost, high luminous efficiency, large luminous area, no glare, no ghosting.

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